Brand Strategy

Even in this day of technological over-reach, strong brands have an enormous advantage over their upstart brethren. Whenever possible, we start our engagements with a brand strategy workshop to create, fine tune, evolve, or juice up the brand. And to build an integrated communication strategy that understands the competitive landscape, speaks to the customer, and positions you in a memorable way.

Naming & Identity

Nothing challenges our creative team more than naming and identity projects. And nothing has a greater reward for our clients. From Michelin GreenX to Scott Naturals Green Products, from Southwest to the Clean Air Green Tour, we’ve been creating memorable names, logos and identity systems for many of the smartest organizations.


The new hub of marketing is the web. It’s the vital center where the conversation takes place. Our websites are beautifully designed and engaging to read. But essential to the design is they are interactive, dynamic, and they work hard for you. We use open source platforms and modern content management systems that allow sites to breathe and grow along with your company.

Social Media

Build it and they will come no longer applies. Because many of your customers are spending more time on social sites, such as Facebook and LinkedIn, than on the actual web. A strong social media presence serves many purposes. You get a feel for your customers, you communicate with them in a timely way, and you extend your network through their actions.

Online Marketing

Optimizing for search engines and placing ads online are now essential ingredients in almost all marketing campaigns. The targeting is precise, the reach is extraordinary, and the ROI is clear. We’re designing complex campaigns that use many media at once, and the beauty is that feedback is rapid, allowing you to run with your winners and deploy dollars in the most effective manner possible.


Don’t give up on traditional forms of print and electronic advertising. It’s surprisingly effective, and costs have come down. We’re running national print ads for our clients, TV spots, newspaper ads, and magazine pages with affective results. It’s all part of the mix, and it builds brands at the same time that it commands response.


Increasingly, brands are all around you. From the sign above the door, to the colors on the wall, to the fabric on the chair, the environment is where it all comes together. We see brands in 3D, and we’re helping our clients extend their messages to their customers in all possible touch points.


They say print is dead, but those same people probably predicted radio was dead, too. We’re producing beautiful brochures for a wide range of clients, and there’s nothing like it to build a brand. And with today’s digital technologies, elaborate color printing works for the smallest of quantities.


Innovations in packaging continue apace. More eco, more minimal, more powerful branding is the order of the day. Consumer products rely on their packages more than any other medium to speak to the consumer and differentiate from the competition. For years, packaging has been a cornerstone of PMG's design practice.


Animated and live action projects are increasingly a part of our repertoire. Especially on the web, people want to read less and get more information faster and in a more entertaining way. Whether interviewing green consumers, shooting TV spots for our clients, or animating lessons for brewing beer at home, we’re communicating with sound and motion as never before.