Florida Video Production.

Paar Media Group has the ability to send video production crews anywhere in the United States.

We are a full service, professional video production company.

Corporate Video Production, Music Video Production, Full TV Production, or Documentaries.

A few of our fabulous clients past and present.

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    Why choose us for your next video production in Florida?

    We are a full-service, professional video production company. We deliver content-rich video and motion graphics with the capability to produce your project in web-based streaming video, DVD video, or traditional video formats. The goal of our production is to ensure a quality video product with reliability and efficiency that exceeds our customer’s expectations. We take time to understand each client and their video project. The result of our production is a dynamic, powerful video presentation that will meet internal and external corporate communication needs across the enterprise.

    Paar Media Group has the ability to send video production crews anywhere in the United States.

    Sample of our work:

    Great storytelling doesn’t end with the shoot! Some of our clients need entire videos produced – from concept through completion.

    Florida Video and Film Production Company, PMG can handle all of your video communication needs – from design & scripting, through shooting, editing & distribution on TV, DVD, the internet, and new media.

    We bring over twenty years of experience in the film and television industry right to the doorstep of your organization, by creating powerful, award-winning videos that deliver results!

    The following is a selection of services we provide:

    Marketing Videos
    Television Commercials
    Web Video Presentations
    Training Videos
    Branded Documentary
    Presentation Videos
    Infomercial / DRTV Commercials
    Health and Safety Videos
    Inspirational Videos for Fundraisers

    Corporate Video Production – At Paar Media Group a corporate video production is like a full-color brochure that moves and video-production-florida-corporate-video-productiontalks. We live in a visual, fast-paced world where people demand entertainment and instant gratification. If a message fails to be communicated in a fast and powerful way, it is lost.

    Training Video Production – Think about the difference a quality training video production can make. It’s an employee’s first day on the job—they want to see what your company is all about, and what to expect. In order to have an inspired, focused workforce that can complete all their tasks without hesitation, excellent training in video production is absolutely essential. The final product has to have a fine balance between informing employees about the company’s expectations, while also keeping them engaged.

    Infomercial / DRTV Production – Our understanding of the American consumer and our emphasis on maintaining the highest possible production value means that your TV Infomercial project has the best chance for achieving outstanding As Seen on TV Success!

    TV Commercial Production – PMG Productions knows what it takes to create crisp, fluid commercials for a variety of formats. In the broadcast television commercial video production business, it’s absolutely essential to deliver your company’s message with precision and style. PMG can create a stellar commercial video production.

    Branded Documentary – A powerful and more efficient way to tell a brand’s story, without advertising. One very promising method is branded entertainment and especially branded documentary film, which can spread the word on many media platforms. Technologies like the Internet or tablets have changed how people today consume and use media, resulting in a change in user behavior and content acceptance. Traditional advertising like the classic TV-ad is under pressure, new forms of communication with customers are needed.

    WHAT’S NEXT? Give us a call anytime for a free consultation on harnessing the power of moving media for your organization:

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