Infomercial Production | Video Production | Product Commercial | Producer | Director

Infomercial Production | Video Production | Product Commercial | Producer | Director

Infomercial Production | Video Production | Product Commercial

For AWARD WINNING infomercial video production in Minneapolis, MN, look to BusyBoy Productions to deliver you the best results in infomercial production. We do it all—from infomercials, training videos, corporate video production, marketing and campaigns for broadcast TV commercials.

We value all our clients. That’s why we start every project by listening to what your needs are. Small, medium and large businesses all turn to BusyBoy Productions when they’re looking for the highest quality video for their next marketing campaign.

At BusyBoy Productions, our talent, experience, and knowledge enable us to offer a wide range of multimedia services for all types of businesses, from corporate clients such as Cummins Diesel, Discovery Channel, ReMax, McDonalds, and Verizon, to advertising agencies like Paar Media Group and Northwoods Advertising.

We give our clients specialized attention they deserve and ensure that every detail in our work is delivered to its highest potential.

Our creative team of directors, editors, scriptwriters, and designers ensure that we’re prepared to handle your entire production. Each one of our clients gets a end result product that meets their budgetary and creative needs. BusyBoy’s hands on approach helps to shape your ideas and message into an engaging visual experience. From TV commercials and marketing videos to streaming media on the web, we have the cutting-edge skills and ambitious drive to produce the results your company deserves

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What We Have To Offer

Infomercial Video Production

Our understanding of the American consumer and our emphasis on maintaining the highest possible production value means that your TV Infomercial project has the best chance for achieving outstanding As Seen on TV Success!

TV Commercial Production

BusyBoy Productions knows what it takes to create crisp, fluid commercials for a variety of formats. In the broadcast television commercial video production business, it’s absolutely essential to deliver your company’s message with precision and style.

Corporate Video Production

At BusyBoy Productions a corporate video production is like a full color brochure that moves and talks. We live in a visual, fast-paced world where people demand entertainment and instant gratification. If a message fails to be communicated in a fast and powerful way, it is lost.

Aerial Video Production

We go where full-sized helicopters and aircraft cannot to achieve those “how-did-they-do that” video moments. We also shoot traditional video on the ground to provide the full perspective. And we always work closely with you, the client, to ensure that your vision becomes reality.

Training Video Production

BusyBoy Productions offers award-winning expertise for your company’s training video needs. Whether you’re a large, medium, or small business, we’ll cater to all your needs and provide a smooth, informative training video. Minneapolis based video production company, BusyBoy Productions, we want to be certain that your employees start off on the right foot with your company. In order to have an inspired, focused workforce that can complete all their tasks without hesitation, an excellent training video production is absolutely essential.

Reality TV Production

At the heart of BusyBoy Productions is a simple drive and dedication to produce projects that are both creatively distinctive and commercially rewarding. We take pride in our capacity to produce shows spanning the entire creative spectrum and are committed to making groundbreaking television.

Music Video Production

When you’re looking for a seriously professional music video production, choose BusyBoy Productions. From the best sound, to a professional creative team, BusyBoy Productions offers you a complete music video that your audience will love. We’re the most trusted name in the business and know how to get the job done right the first time. Plus, we offer a variety of packages and formats to fit your needs.

Nonprofit Video Production

Producing a video that showcases your organization, the people you serve and the difference you make is one of the best ways to attract new supporters and raise money. It’s a great way for people to connect to the work you do on an emotional level. Nonprofits that use video to attract supporters and raise money have way more success than those that don’t. Our content creation process is easy, efficient and produces great results. Watch our nonprofit fundraising videos and you’ll get a true sense of our style and what makes us different.

Branded Content Production

Branded digital content is a more targeted, interactive way to connect with a consumer audience. It makes the conversation more intimate, more personal. And there’s no better way to generate participation than with inspired storytelling. BusyBoy Productions can support you through the entire process of content creation – from the initial creative strategizing, production, post-production and distribution of your video on Facebook, YouTube, and other web and mobile platforms.

Contact Us Today

If you are in the market for video production and don’t know what steps to take than contact us today for a free consultation. We would love the opportunity to direct you to make the right steps. If you have a small budget or a big budget we can help.

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