So now you have a great looking website with an image that delivers a strong message to potential clients. The question to ask now is, can people find it? If you have a flashy shoe store at the end of a dead end street, no one will find you and buy anything unless you point the way.

Our Search Engine Optimization Specialists (SEO) have only one job, to get our sites to the top of the search engines. Their submissions are manual and there is no software used during the submission process at all. Why? The search engines have turned against florida seocompanies using web position software and will not list these sites.

We don’t offer Pay-Per-Click submissions or such unethical practices like cloaking, doorway pages or hidden text–all of which will get your site locked out of the major search engines such as Google, MSN and Yahoo. There is no need for any games. It comes down to this, if you respect the search engines and provide them with the information they need to index you properly, you will see the results. That’s it.

Here is what we offer you with our Search Engine Optimization:

  • Keyword Analysis–Finding the exact and correct keywords your clients are using to find your services/products!
  • Content Development–We will help you create pages which are dense in keywords which fit your chosen keyword description
  • Link Popularity –We submit your site to a number of directories in YOUR INDUSTRY through 10 to 20 hours of research which creates link popularity.
  • Traffic Analysis and Automated Reports–We set up a stats program which gives you up to the minute traffic reporting on your site. We can also email you reports on a weekly and monthly basis.

More than likely, you found Paar Media Group at the top of a search engine today. Our own site has been in the Top 10 in Google under many keywords. We’ve even had clients stop using their Pay-Per-Click submission service because our search engine optimization is so much more affordable and even more powerful.


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