sustainable marketing, organic marketing, environmental marketing, and green marketing

Because your customers are different. Because you are different. Because together, we have the expertise and knowledge to help you succeed. You need great marketing and want to be part of the solution to an over-sold world. Grow your business in a sustainable, intelligent, and lasting way – and communicate to customers how great (and green) your products are.

You just found the internets leading site for sustainable marketing, organic marketing, environmental marketing, and green marketing services, information, and education. PMG pioneered one of the first sustainable branding tours (Clean Air Green Tour) they travel the United States covering almost every state, every year for the last seven years. PMG can highlight your sustainable brand at some of the largest green events in the world. Whether you need our services to help you in a current marketing project for your business, or want to learn more about how to do it yourself, and connect with others doing the same, you’ve come to the right place.

Many people ask – What is different about Sustainable Marketing (or Green Marketing)? It isn’t just about selling green products to the LOHAS market segment, which encompasses 63 million people. Or the $540 billion Cultural Creatives market. PMG gives traditional marketing methods and discipline to entrepreneurs in the green marketing sector, teaches corporate social responsibility and green marketing to existing well-established companies, and also going beyond branding, evolving marketing, understanding our customers better, their values, emotions, and buying behavior, and their hopes for making a sustainable, restorative relationship with their families, their communities, and the earth.

PMG is one of the only agencies to bring the whole life-cycle approach to green marketing, from designing better sustainable and green products, to finding sustainable ways to build your sales and your business. Our talents include branding, internet marketing, public relations, business development, sales training, graphic design, and measuring and teaching sustainability. That’s Sustainable, Green Marketing.