Training Video Production

Training Video Production

Award-Winning Training Video Production

Training videos are a big part of any successful company, especially companies that have a large number of employees. Using video to train can decrease the time that managers have to spend training employees. Training video production can cover a wide variety of your companies needs, such as safety, sales, rules, and benefits.

Training videos can increase worker productivity, promote a safe workplace environment, promote products and services, and can increase overall company productivity.

  • An in-depth training video that covers all aspects of the job requirement will result in a more knowledgeable staff who will know how to perform their tasks correctly.
  • Safety training videos result in safe employees that know how to perform the companies tasks and operate machinery correctly and safely.
  • Product and services training videos promote awareness of products/services, and how to use them properly.
  • Training videos increase sales, worker efficiency, decrease accidents, wasted time and decrease costs, etc. This results in overall company productivity.

We create all types of training videos:

  • Orientation videos
  • Visitor safety videos
  • Contractor safety videos
  • Product training videos
  • Demo training videos
  • Customer relations videos
  • Safety training videos
  • Compliance training
  • Retail training videos
  • Sales training videos
  • Management training videos
  • Visitor orientation videos

Paar Media Group works with companies to create the right training video production for whatever type of training video your company needs. There are several features used to ensure the creation of a successful training video.


Voice-over is a nice added feature to the video if it needs any type of narration or audio description. This is especially effective for animated parts of the video, how-to videos, and other videos that don’t use professional actors.


The animation is not always used in training video production, but it can be used to highlight certain areas of the video. Statistics, pointers, and other types of animation can be added to highlight particular aspects of the video.

Training video production process

Paar Media Group utilizes professional equipment for the training video production process, including editing, to ensure that companies receive the highest quality training video. There are four steps to the video production process.

  1. Development – This stage of the training video production process is basically coming up with an outline and a good plan for the video. This covers budgeting, type of video, length of video, target audience, etc.
  2. Pre-production – This stage covers scriptwriting, hiring actors (if needed), storyboards, acquiring props and wardrobe to be used in the video, determining locations for shoots, and more.
  3. Production – This is the actual shooting of the video. Once all the scenes have been shot, it’s time to move on to editing.
  4. Post-production – This covers editing, audio, voice-overs, and delivery to the client.

Training video production helps companies excel in more than just sales and monetary increases. Employee efficiency, workplace safety, and product awareness can keep the entire company running smoothly which results in higher productivity, higher customer satisfaction, and a more favorable view of the company as a whole.

Are you located in Minneapolis, Alabama, Florida or Nashville and looking to produce a training video?

Paar Media Group provides professional training video production services for companies, so contact us now to find out what we can do for your next corporate video.


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