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Paar Media Group offers award-winning patented advertising. Founder Jim Paar created this form of advertising in 1998 and has been impacting events around the world.

Extend Your Brand Message.
Increase Your Sales.

PMG is the industry leader in delivering captivating messages through alternative media. We provide a unique way of delivering your brand’s message at high profile events and in premium locations. Paar Media Group delivers high profile event marketing to your bottom line advantage.

A few of our fabulous clients past and present.


PMG Outdoor porta potty advertising transforms temporary portable restrooms for rent into a high impact advertising medium that people will remember. We enable you to stand out from the competition and effectively capture your target audience’s attention.

Porta potty advertising unlike traditional advertising that competes with clutter, our advertising stands out and enhances. Our research shows that people actively process your message and remember it. We track the number of door openings per unit and have GPS tracking. Consumers interact with your message by posting on social media and even posing in front of the porta potty ads. This is rated as the highest in the length of an impression than any other outdoor advertising.


U.S. Patent 20060123534A1

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Last advertising contract exceeded $150,000 for Porta Potty Advertising in a Single Weekend!


    PMG is present at events that attract millions of visitors.


    75% of the spectators recognize the restroom ads and view them at least 3 to 4 times.


    Ads can feature millions of colors and can be designed for a single unit or mural covering multiple units.


    89% of attendees surveyed noticed ads and 67% knew details about the product by the ad.

    3M Championship

    “PMG has created new revenue for our event with a new clean look! Execution of their work is flawless and their turnaround times are fast.

    They have been extremely professional. PMG wraps give our clients a unique delivery system that is very effective.”

    Tom V.
    Director of Marketing & Sales
    3M Championship

    Centennial Olympic Park Atlanta

    Targeted Advertising That Works.

    With our proven track record working with world-class events and brands, PMG Outdoor has solid and proven success. We have worked with brands from small to multi-million dollar campaigns over two weeks reaching millions nationally. Through consumer surveys, we have proven that our onsite messaging is memorable, effective and has a greater ability to reach specific consumers in targeted demographics.

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    PLEASE NOTE: If you’re contacting us to try to figure out how we do this we get many calls per day and are not interested in giving away our patented process.

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      U.S. Patent 20060123534A1

      A few of the vendors we have worked with locally and nationally.

      (615) 887-0872

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      PGA Champions Tour

      “PMG has forever changed the way we think of portable restrooms. With the technology that PMG offers and a new revenue stream, they are placed on the top of our vendor list for tournament directors.

      With the entire Champions Tour available it brings opportunity for advertising from market-to-market.”

      Rick T.
      Champions Tour Tournament Business Affairs
      Champions Tour

      SAS Championship