Email Marketing and Why It So Important For Dealerships

June 15, 2017 pmg2019

Email Marketing and Why It So Important For Dealerships

There is great potential in reaching out to email users, and some industries have an easier time in doing so than others. The automotive industry marketing is one such industry that is ideal for communicating with potential customers through email. Not only is it convenient, but for car dealerships, it is a requirement in order to recieve the desired sales and fight back against competition.

Email Reach and Device Matters

When people go throughout their day, over 50% of the emails they receive are on their smartphones. It is so critical to create emails that are presentable and effective when they see them on their computer and most of all mobile device. When the email is opened on a smartphone or tablet, if its not engaging on that device a person is not going to reopen it on their computer. Before engaging in sending email to customers, be sure to test it on a mobile device or tablet first to ensure its accessibility.

In regards to what type of email to use, try avoiding popular providers such as Gmail. Invest in an email service provider that will be able to gauge how effective the emails are. Such a provider will be able to report the percentage that opened the email, the amount of people who shared it, and what links were clicked on by the consumer within the email. Email data such as this is a powerful tool for your dealership to do followup and form new customer relationships.

You’re Not Going To Believe This

Only about 22% of auto dealerships are currently using email marketing on a regular basis, those the are, are out selling their competition. For an industry that would find great success in emailing customers, this is a major loss. In regards to gathering the people for the email lists, the majority of people were collected through leads exchanged for money. The least productive way to gain access to email addresses was through advertising campaigns at occasions such as concerts or sporting events.

More surprising and almost sickening, 75% of car dealerships don’t put their email lists into categories such as service and car buyers. The automobile industry has one of the most recognizable group of buyers. It would not be ideal to email an advertisement of a gas-guzzling truck to someone who advocates for the environmental benefits of a hybrid vehicle.

Online Car Shopping

Did you know a car buyer only visits 1.2 dealerships when making a purchase. Almost 90% of new car buyers search on average eight different websites before making a call or drive to a auto dealership. What does that mean for you and your website? You better have the best website in the region if not the nation to engage those customers because they are not going to come to your dealership without having been to your website. Remember the statistic, 1.2 dealerships visits. That customer already knows what they are going to buy before even setting foot on your showroom floor and likely they know more about that vehicle then most your sales people.

Since shopping online has a greater impact on consumers, emailing platforms would be ideal to target the audience. It would be the perfect scenario for an individual who was browsing online for a car to conveniently receive an email advertising great offers on the buyer’s specific choice in vehicle.

The Ball Is On The Green

Imagine teeing off and trying to get the ball on the green. Now think of the ball as the customer, the closer you get that customer to the hole before they visit the dealership, the more likely you have that vehicle sold. Emailing customers is prominent for advancement in sales. Focusing on the necessitates, of email, consumers will noticeably respond in a positive manner. As the world is moving towards a digital era, it becomes mandatory to keep up with online demand. Email campaigns are not just ideal marketing techniques, they are a requirement for the automobile industry to stay ahead and to rise above the competition.


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